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Who we are and what we do

The Candidate Attorney Incubator, previously known as "Candidate Attorney Practical Training" was founded by legal professionals to assist and prepare law students and new candidate attorneys for the practical challenges of serving articles.

At the Candidate Attorney Incubator we aim to develop and empower law students and candidate attorneys with the necessary practical skills in addition to the theoretical  knowledge necessary to become esteemed members of the legal profession. We do so by focusing on the  concept of continuous support  through mentoring and offering practical workshops in order to grow highly competent and skilled legal professionals


Practical skills development

With our continuous mentoring and support, you now have the opportunity to empower yourself and develop crucial PRACTICAL SKILLS required in the legal field.

Practical challenges of articles

By attending our workshops you will actively prepare for the PRACTICAL CHALLENGES of serving articles and you will acquire a solid foundation to build on as a legal professional. 

Practical experience of legal professionals

Prepare for your legal career by leveraging the PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE of our legal team to help you grow into a highly competent and skilled legal professional.

Workshops we offer

CV and Interview skills

 Do you know how to compile a CV that can increase your chances of being invited for an interview? Let us assist you.

Career opportunities

Would you like to know what career opportunities are available to law graduates? Let us broaden your horizons.

Preparing for articles

Not sure what to expect from articles? Let us assist you to prepare for the challenges of serving articles. 

Research and drafting

Do you know how and where to do research? How to draft notices and pleadings?  Let us show you how.

                 Community                service

Want to contribute to society? Not sure where and how pro bono services  can be offered?

Practical court orientation

Not sure where to do what at court? Do  you know the court procedures? Don't waste valuable billable hours, let us help.

   After hour bail     applications

Not sure how after hour bail applications are done? Do you know what to do at your client's first court appearance?

Civil and criminal court appearances

Do you know how to prepare for your court appearances?  Let us lead you from first consultation to finalisation. 

                Labour law in                practice

Want to know more about mediation and arbitration? Not sure how to represent a client at the CCMA?

 Introduction to conveyancing 

Interested in property law? Not sure about what a conveyancer does? Want a bit of exposure to conveyancing?  

              Family law in             practice

Want to know how  to handle matters that will cross your desk? Not sure how maintenance court works?

Attorney admission exam preparation

Not sure how to prepare for the board exams?  Want to attend revision classes  for paper 1 and 3 ?

Assistance with application for admission

Unsure of the requirement for admission and how to prepare your application for admission as an attorney?

           Opening your own         firm

Want to open your own firm? Unsure of the requirements? Want to know more about funding, marketing etc.?

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Feedback from previous workshop attendees

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Godfrey Hlahasoane

Workshop attendee


Great day and training we had. Will keep an eye on the trial advocacy course and even bail course. Great job you guys are doing.

Chene Kruger

Workshop attendee


I attended a workshop! It was most definitely worth every cent. Learned a lot & enjoyed it! Definitely a must do!

 Chandre van Emmenis 

 Workshop attendee


Uit & Uit die moeite werd gewees. Baie dankie vir die ongelooflike geleentheid wat julle vir ons gebied het. Dit het my net weer laat besef hoekom ek regte swot. Ek kan dit aanbeveel vir enige persoon wat regte swot.

Prepare for your legal career by leveraging the experience of our legal team.

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